Mary V, the uncommonly tangy tomato juice

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Our drink 'Mary V' has been developed by one of the best chefs in the world: Nick Bril. Nr. 14 in the 2018 Best International Best Chef awards with his restaurant 'The Jane' in Antwerp having a place in the top 100 best restaurants of the world. His idea of the ultimate tomato juice is a drink with the same rich taste sensation as his signature dishes.

The Mary V roots

True to the zeelandic roots of chef Nick Bril, Mary V has been seasoned by gastronomy. The juicy umami flavor of the pink Tomimaru Muchoo tomato combined with a splash of zeelandic seawater, fresh balsamic salicornia leaves makes Mary V the ideal base not only for cocktails and mock-tails, as well as for flavouring dishes as sauces or soups.

What is our method?

All our ingredients are 100% natural and carefully sourced, mixed and bottled with high passion combined with unique pressing techniques. For our key ingredient we chose a rare variety of tomatoes as our 'raw material' that has its origin in Asia ... these pink fleshy tomatoes are very flavourful due to their sweeter taste and delicate bite (thin skin), having a fantastic quality and taste.