Mary V so much more than a tomato juice.

With its Asian origin, the Tomimaru Muchoo tomato is the key ingredient.  Our chef, Nick Bril mixes in fresh balsamic salicornia, basil leaves, oregano, splashes of zeelandic filtered seawater and mild chili peppers to season it.  The result is an energising splash for the entire palate. 

For our key ingredient we chose a rare variety of tomatoes as our 'raw material' that has its origin in Asia ... these pink fleshy tomatoes are very flavourful due to their sweeter taste and delicate bite (thin skin), having a fantastic quality and taste.

Complete, refreshing and fullfilling.  Ideal for any moment of the day.

All the ingredients are 100% natural and are carefully sourced, mixed and bottled with high passion and unique pressing techniques.